Reasons To Update Your Website Design

There are many benefits when you become a reseller. The most obvious benefit is that you keep risks to a minimum. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to develop your own products, only to find that you face stiff competition. You can select the products that you know your clients will need, buy them at bulk pricing, and make a good profit from there.

How good does your website look on a mobile browser? If the answer is I don’t know because I can’t see it properly, then it’s time to take action. An increasing amount of the visitors to your site are probably coming to you from mobile devices and this is set to increase further. In the absence of a mobile-enabled site or a site specifically designed for the mobile platform, your visitor is unlikely to have a good experience. Therefore, he is less likely to return and less likely to perform the desired action on your site. If you have used WordPress for your web design then you could look at installing a plugin such as WP Touch to render your site in a suitable way.

Outsourcing SEO is the trend that has been going around for sometime now. You may have heard about businesses from other countries that have what they call “branches” in other countries. These outsourcing companies can be found anywhere. As long as there are an availability of persons with skills to match, then it becomes the perfect location for outsourcing.

Remember the old days of print when you had to create your brochure, check every single part of it in minuscule detail, decide how many you needed and send your work off to the printers – then go through the whole process again when your products/services/prices/telephone number etc. changed? No more! With a website, your brochure can be updated in an instant (you can even do it yourself) and at no cost. Making changes or correcting errors can also be done immediately, you only need to publish it once and anyone in the world can look at it. No postage or distribution costs. Of course, printed brochures still have their place in your marketing strategy but nowadays they are more of a compliment to your website.

Payment on your site. Using this method, a payment system is implemented on your site to accept credit card payments with a secure and encrypted process. The customer never leaves your site, making this the most professional-looking method. There are many shopping carts available, or your web design company can develop a complete custom cart for you. The cost to implement this is the highest of all the methods, and may range from $750 to several thousands, depending on how much customization is needed, the number of products you have, and other features you need.

Ask for a case study. Any SEO company or professional should submit a case study. If he does not he is not a real professional. Otherwise, the professional may have enough experience to provide case studies.

responsive web design Not long ago I pulled out my calculator and totaled up what I had spent on ebooks and other information products. I was not mad when I saw the dollars I had spent. I was not even upset that I had spent all of that money. Sure, I had nothing tangible to show for my investment but I had learned a lot right? And then it dawned on me, I had learned a lot from each of those ebooks but individually they were not a solution. It was then that I realized that each ebook was like a piece to a puzzle and that their true value would be realized when the knowledge they contained was combined and the puzzle was complete.

All these points will help reduce the list of companies that can offer viable solutions and help their cause. The next step is to invite proposals from the shortlisted parties. Just check through as many cross-references that are justified or will satisfy your curiosity. The more time is spent in this phase, the sweeter will be the return later.

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